St George’s Fields Notice Board


There are temporary signs informing you where to aim your fob at all gates to ensure that it works first time for you all and in an effort to get people prepared and used to the changeover.

By way of information:


  1. At the main vehicular gate there is on the first bollard on the right as you enter a fob reader. You need to line up to that bollard and aim your zapper within half a metre of it. A blue LED light will turn on if your ‘zap’ has been read and the vehicle gates open.


  1. At the main pedestrian gate there is a black box underneath where you used to insert the key. You need to be within 30cm or so of this black box, zap and the pedestrian gate will open for you.


  1. For drivers trying to access the garage either side of the rising step on exit and entry there are two readers exactly where you used to place your magicard.  Aim your fob and zap within 30cm of the reader and the rising step will lower, the traffic light turn green and you can drive on.


  1. At Bayswater Road Gate, Frederick Close Gate and Albion Mews Gate when exiting you will see a black box. Aim your fob within 30cm of this, zap and push or pull the gate open. Upon entering these gates there is a stainless steel plaque which says ‘Please ensure the gate is closed behind you’. Again, aim your fob within 30cm of this, zap and push or pull the gate open. These gates will then close behind you and be secured on the magnetic locks.


  1. The only exception is the internal Gate by the Kendal Steps pond. Here you will see a knob that you should aim your fob at within 30cm and you will hear an audible ‘beep’. Turning the knob after hearing the beep will allow you to push or pull the gate open. This gate will close behind you and you will hear the beep again which tells you that the knob and lock is secure.


I do hope this is useful but if there are any problems please ask the office and we will endeavour to help.


We need your help with problems that we are experiencing regarding the disposal of rubbish.

Certain residents and/or their builders are abusing the refuse facilities rather than making proper arrangements for unwanted large or heavy items.

Westminster’s refuse collectors have told us that they are no longer prepared to empty out the large bins, (which should contain nothing but household refuse) when they see that someone has buried builders wastes – plaster, timber, wood  or carpeting, beneath a few black plastic bags of household waste. What is emptied into their collection lorry we are told is captured on CCTV and should damage be caused to the refuse vehicle, St George’s Fields will be billed.

If you see large items or builders waste being dumped a quiet word with the Estate Office would be helpful.

The other problem we have experienced in the past is a few residents, or their builders, dumping larger unwanted items – televisions, beds, mattresses, chairs in the recycling area leaving it to us to clear up their mess rather than paying to properly dispose of such items. Those doing the dumping may save themselves a few pounds but it makes life difficult for the estate workers who need to get in the recycling area and again it costs St George’s Fields – your service charge fund – some three hundred pounds every time we get a lorry in to clear away these dumped items.

It should not be necessary to dump anything in such a manner since both St George’s Fields (020 7723 7728) and Westminster (020 7641 2000 –option 1) offer a service to residents for the disposal of such items.

If you are or will be having renovation works I would ask you to speak to your contractors to ensure they are aware of what to do with waste material.

If you or your builder need to get rid of waste material it is your responsibility to ensure it is done correctly, not fly-tipped but left at a proper Waste Transfer or Disposal site and your waste contractor has to keep their copy of the Waste Transfer Note for two years.

Working together we can continue to keep St George’s Fields looking in good order and maintain your services charges as reasonable as they are.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.