St George’s Fields Notice Board

2018 AGM Documents

The Annual General Meeting of St George’s Fields Ltd (the “Company”) will be held in the El-Alamein Room, Victory Services Club, Seymour Street, London W2, on Wednesday 13th June 2018, at 7pm for the following purposes:

1. To approve the minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).

2. To approve the Directors’ Report and Financial Statements of the Company for the year ended 31 December 2017, together with the report of the Auditors.

3. To re-appoint Simpson Wreford and Partners as auditors of the Company to hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM.

4. To authorise the directors to determine the remuneration of the auditors.

5. To maintain the directors’ fees for the year ending 31 December 2018 at the 2017 level of £17,228 pa which is to be shared between the directors.

6. To elect TWO directors to the board from those listed below:
(a) Richard Harding
(b) Stephen Mayer *
*Current director seeking re-election


Alan Seymour – Chair


1. Any shareholder may stand for election as a director of the company provided he or she is so nominated in writing by another shareholder. The proposed director must also indicate his or her willingness to stand for election and signed documents to this effect must be lodged at the Estate Office no later than 28 days before the meeting. The board can confirm that the nominations of Directors seeking election included within this notice have been received within these timescales.

2. Each member who is entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in his or her place; such proxy need not be a member of the Company. A proxy form is enclosed.

3. Registration of proxy holders may be undertaken at the Estate Office up to 5pm on 13th June 2018.

4. Please bring with you to the meeting an adequate form of identification (e.g. driving license, passport, credit card etc.)

5. 2018 AGM Documents for download:

Chair’s letter AGM June 2018 FINAL

AGM 2017 minutes FINAL

Form of Proxy 2018

Candidate Information – Richard Harding

Candidate Information – Stephen Mayer

SGF Ltd Accounts 2017

SGF2 Ltd Accounts 2017

Service Charge Statements 2017

Procedure for leaks


Leaks from one apartment’s plumbing arrangements into another apartment or to the common parts can on occasion be quite damaging.

There is a regulation contained in the fifth schedule that intends to ensure leaseholders have their water systems inspected by a competent person annually and any defects found made good, but it may be that even by undertaking this annual check it will not always prevent leaks occurring.

The information handbook at pages 11-12 tells leaseholders the procedure and what to do in such an emergency.

When a leak occurs into your flat or you spot one occurring into the common parts, and the Estate Office is open, please let us know. If we hold the keys to the flat and have the permission of the owner, we can enter to turn off the stop cock which will stop the leak pending the leaseholder repairing the fault.

If a leak occurs in an out-of-hours situation, then the steps you must undertake are also contained in the handbook at pages 11-12. Please also email the office to let us know if a leak occurs in an out-of-hours situation.

Leaseholders can help protect each other by ensuring that the office has a complete and up to date, working set of keys to your apartment and instructions to any additional security measures you may have installed. If you have not given the office a set of keys, then please reconsider this decision.

If you are relying on the Estate Office to provide any contractors with keys to your flat for works you wish to undertake, please impress upon your contractor the importance of returning the keys at the end of each day.

A recent incident of a contractor holding onto keys overnight meant that the office did not have access to turn off a stop cock that could have prevented a leak spreading and getting worse.

Please click this link to view the St George’s Fields Renovation Study Report:

St George’s Fields – Renovation Study Report

Dear Shareholders,

In my letter of 14th September, I informed you that the Board had created a brief for design architects to rejuvenate and modernise the estate and I said that Cayford Design, the architects we had appointed, were keen to solicit the opinions of shareholders by way of a questionnaire.

The Board and Management are very grateful to those shareholders – over 70 in number – who completed the questionnaire that I attached to my letter.    Both Cayford and the Board took careful account of the responses in moving to the next stage which has been the preparation by Cayford of a Renovation Study Report designed to set out the possibilities for a coherent plan for future work on the estate.   

Having considered the Report, the Board are excited by it and wish to share it with you all in the hope that you will share their enthusiasm. As the document runs to some 16 pages clicking the link will take you to an online version. If you would prefer a printed copy then please come to the estate office to collect one or ask us to post one to you.

As I explained in my letter of 14th September the reason for the appointment of design consultants is with a view to ensuring that there is a cohesive long-term plan for the overall “look and feel” of the estate. The attached report touches on all aspects of the estate and the possibilities for improvement. It does not go into any detail but provides a “roadmap” of how to proceed.

The next task for the Board will be to work out an order of priority with a view, initially, to identifying two or three projects on which more detailed design work should be undertaken. In the meantime, I would like to reassure you that:

  • the Board remains determined to manage our budgets sensibly and avoid any significant impact on the service charge with the prudent management of your money.
  • we will consult you before committing to any project(s).

I should make it clear that the attached report is sent to you to keep you informed and not by way of formal consultation.    However, if you have any immediate thoughts or ideas you are of course welcome to send me an email or note of your observations.  


Gareth Targett

St George’s Fields