St George’s Fields Notice Board

Please click this link to view the St George’s Fields Renovation Study Report:

St George’s Fields – Renovation Study Report

Dear Shareholders,

In my letter of 14th September, I informed you that the Board had created a brief for design architects to rejuvenate and modernise the estate and I said that Cayford Design, the architects we had appointed, were keen to solicit the opinions of shareholders by way of a questionnaire.

The Board and Management are very grateful to those shareholders – over 70 in number – who completed the questionnaire that I attached to my letter.    Both Cayford and the Board took careful account of the responses in moving to the next stage which has been the preparation by Cayford of a Renovation Study Report designed to set out the possibilities for a coherent plan for future work on the estate.   

Having considered the Report, the Board are excited by it and wish to share it with you all in the hope that you will share their enthusiasm. As the document runs to some 16 pages clicking the link will take you to an online version. If you would prefer a printed copy then please come to the estate office to collect one or ask us to post one to you.

As I explained in my letter of 14th September the reason for the appointment of design consultants is with a view to ensuring that there is a cohesive long-term plan for the overall “look and feel” of the estate. The attached report touches on all aspects of the estate and the possibilities for improvement. It does not go into any detail but provides a “roadmap” of how to proceed.

The next task for the Board will be to work out an order of priority with a view, initially, to identifying two or three projects on which more detailed design work should be undertaken. In the meantime, I would like to reassure you that:

  • the Board remains determined to manage our budgets sensibly and avoid any significant impact on the service charge with the prudent management of your money.
  • we will consult you before committing to any project(s).

I should make it clear that the attached report is sent to you to keep you informed and not by way of formal consultation.    However, if you have any immediate thoughts or ideas you are of course welcome to send me an email or note of your observations.  


Gareth Targett

St George’s Fields