Parking Permit Request

Please complete the form below to book your temporary parking at ground floor level. All fields must be completed.

Parking is only available on the West side of the tunnel areas to the Step blocks – this is on the even door number side to all Steps blocks.

If there is no parking available, then please park outside the estate. Parking in a haphazard fashion may impede an emergency service vehicle’s access.

Parking for up to 1 hour is permitted without booking parking.

Parking is permitted for up to 3 days at a time. If parking is required beyond 3 days, please contact the Estate Office to confirm and ensure parking is booked to cover the entire period.

Parking at ground floor level is subject to a fair and reasonable use policy. One should not abuse the facility by continually parking on consecutive days out of fairness to all. If Management observe the same individual abusing the process, then they will be asked not to, using a sticker reminding them of the rules.

Contractors will still be required to visit the Estate Office to obtain a contractor parking permit. As a rule, contractors should only be onsite during the permitted working hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday.

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