27TH DECEMBER 1932 - 13TH MAY 2020.
In May 2023, an Alpine Garden was created in the south side of the estate by the Bayswater Road to honour the memory of Janet Pavlic.

Janet bequeathed her entire estate to St George's Fields Ltd that included her flat in Park Steps and nearly half a million pounds.

This very generous legacy has meant that much of the modernisation undertaken in the estate since 2022, including the rejuvenation of the tunnel areas, new signage plus many other improvements, are because of her generosity.
Image of Alpine Garden
Janet had no immediate family of her own apart from a much younger stepbrother and in her later years, kept to herself with a tight circle of visitors, including neighbours and employees of St George's Fields. Employees of the estate who knew her describe her as kind, generous and always happy to see you.

Owners and residents of St George's Fields are fortunate enough to benefit from the kind generosity of Janet. The Alpine Garden was installed to thank Janet and act as a long term dedication to her. It is hoped that residents will enjoy the space and honour her memory.

Janet Rosemary Greenwood was born on 27th December 1932. She married Ivo Pavlic on her birthday in 1989 in a ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida where they kept a holiday home. They lived very happily together in St George's Fields for many years until Ivo sadly passed away in the early 2000's. Janet and Ivo worked in the fashion business and owned several stores until they decided to close the business.

Below are some photos of Janet and the order of service from her funeral, which took place in London in June 2020.
Janet at a Gala Dinner with her Dad